The CTSRC Needs YOU!!

The Connecticut Society for Respiratory Care is seeking nominations for the following positions:

President Elect (1 position)- 4 year term.  The President-Elect shall complete an immediate successive one (1) year term for the office of President- Elect, followed by a two (2) year term for the office of President and followed by a one (1) year term as Past President before being eligible to service a successive term in any other office. The President-Elect shall become acting President and shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the President's absence, resignation, or disability.  The President-Elect shall perform such other duties as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

Vice-President for Internal Affairs (1 position)- 2-year term.The Vice-President for Internal Affairs will serve as a liaison to the committees of the Society and shall perform such other duties as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.  The Vice-President of Internal Affairs will chair the annual conference put forth by the Society

Vice-President for External Affairs  (1 position)- 2-year term.  The Vice-President for External Affairs will serve as a liaison to other organizations and associations with which the society has a relationship and shall perform such other duties as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

Delegate (1 position)- 4-year term. The duties of the Delegates shall be as specified in the Bylaws of the AARC.  Attend all meetings of the House of Delegates and report the activities to the CTSRC Board of Directors.  Attend the Annual Business Meeting of the Association as the representative of the Active Members of the Association within their respective Chartered Affiliate

Secretary (1 position)- 2-year term.  The Secretary shall have charge of keeping the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, executive committee, and the annual business meeting; executing the general correspondence, and, in general, performing all the duties as from time to time shall be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

Treasurer (1 position)- 2-year termThe Treasurer shall have charge of all funds and securities of the Society, endorsing checks, notes, or other orders for the payment of bills,; dispersing funds as authorized by the Board of Directors and/or in accordance with the adopted budget  and make a complete written yearly report at the annual business meeting.

Board of Directors (4 Positions)- 3 year term.  These members help supervise all business and activities of the society.  They are involved in committees and assist in acting upon issues.

Nominees must be an active member of the AARC in good standing.

The CTSRC Board of Directors meets monthly.

Practitioners from all aspects of Respiratory Care are encouraged to participate!

Serving on the board of directors is a great way to give something back to the profession.  The future presents exciting challenges for the profession of Respiratory Care in Connecticut.  If you or someone you know has shown an interest in getting involved now is the time!

Want to find out more about the CTSRC?  Please join us at a Board of Directors meeting.  Meetings are held on the 3rdWednesday of each month. You can call ahead of time and find out location.   Meetings are open to any member of the CTSRC.

To submit nominations, fill in the form below or for further information please contact:

Nancy Merkouriou at 203.694 8233 work


 Deadline: December 15, 2019

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