Gaylord Therapists were Awarded The PHIL Award

The PHIL Award was recently presented to Helen Young & Emily Woodworth. They were recognized for their dedication to the patients at the outpatient pulmonary rehab program at Gaylord Hospital. Lorraine Cullen, Senior Director, Clinical Services at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare stated, "The patients that nominated them mentioned their teamwork, seamless handoff, skill, knowledge and passion for Pulmonary Rehab in all of the nominations. Two patients even jokingly mentioned we should change their names to a combined name (and one suggested Hemily) since they are so similar in their care and work so well together to facilitate the program. The outstanding theme in each of the nominations was their professionalism, kindness and outstanding education provided to our patients. They are both an asset to Gaylord, our patients and the field of Respiratory Care."
For more information on the PHIL award or to have your hospital join the FACES Foundation to recognize respiratory therapists that go above and beyond, visit:

2022 Award Winners

Kerry McNiven

McNiven color-2022

John and Louise Julius Award as Outstanding Practitioner of the Year

Kerry Recently retired from Manchester Community College

Graig Galipeau


Robert O'Neil Award for Outstanding Vendor

Craig works at Phillips Respironics

Emily Woodworth

Emily President

President's Award

For Outstanding Service to the CTSRC

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