CTSRC Strategic Plan - June 2023- May 2024

     The CTSRC aligns with the strategic objectives put forth by the AARC. In addition, the CTSRC will continue to support its local mission and vision and align with the AARC strategic plan at the state level.

image of strategic plan pathways

CTSRC Mission: The society’s mission is to support excellence in the practice of Respiratory Care through public and legislative advocacy, and through educational opportunities that are both innovative and evidence-based.

CTSRC Vision: The Connecticut Society for Respiratory Care (CTSRC) promotes professional excellence among its members and serves as an advocate for patients and their families, the general public and Respiratory Therapists in the state of CT. The CTSRC is a non-profit organization and chartered affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). rev 2015

1. Engage

Objective- CTSRC will build and strengthen a diverse and inclusive professional community by providing transparency and communicating clearly with its members and those within the respiratory community (including various health professions, students, and the public). CTSRC will enhance engagement with membership to ensure members have a voice and ensure the society is acting in the best interest of the membership. CTSRC will support this objective via the following goals.


  • Utilize AARC connect, survey monkey, and various social media outlets to communicate important information, public interest announcements and events to our membership.
  • Invite and encourage membership to join CTSRC committees and attend CTSRC Board meetings by providing accessibility to meeting schedules and contact information. (Update webpage to have active calendar with zoom links or meeting information)
  • Increase membership by educating respiratory therapists on the importance of joining the CTSRC. Membership committee to continue to work on this initiative.
  • Implement an RT retention special committee to research and reach out to RTs on what is most important to them for creating professional satisfaction and longevity in the field.

2. Elevate

Objective- CTSRC will advance the recognition and role of respiratory therapists spreading awareness of the vital role respiratory therapists play as part of the healthcare team. CTSRC will seek opportunities to elevate the scope of practice, education, and pursue opportunities that elevate the role of respiratory therapists as part of the healthcare team.


  • Provide scholarship opportunities for advanced degrees.
  • Educate our state representatives on the important contributions that RTs make in providing safe and effective patient care.
  • Implement scope of practice special committee to review state scope of practice and identify barriers for limiting RTs from practicing within their full scope.
  • Continue to work towards the development and implementation of an Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapist in Connecticut

3. Advocate

Objective- CTSRC will champion policies and initiatives that enhance access to respiratory care by monitoring legislative activity, lobbying, and providing public testimony on policies that impact the respiratory care profession.


  • Continue to monitor public health issues related to the safe practice of respiratory care.
  • Advocate for profession support and provide education to the public and other healthcare professions on the positive impact respiratory therapists have on patient care.

4. Educate

Objective- CTSRC will deliver premier evidence-based learning opportunities and promote the art and science of respiratory care via annual meetings, webinars, resources, or continuing educational opportunities.


  • CTSRC will provide at least 2 events per year that provide professional development and education.
  • Return to an in person live symposium with evidence- based topics and hands on simulations.
  • Continue to provide scholarship opportunities to future and current respiratory therapists.


The CTSRC is working to better represent the Respiratory Therapists of CT. The CTSRC Board of Directors have proposed a new strategic plan.

Read the strategic plan.

This is the report on the progress of meeting the goals of our strategic plan from 2016 to present:

Strategic Plan Assessment Feb 2016-June 2018