Connecticut Society for Respiratory Care—Immediate Action Needed

Important Legislative Alert for CTSRC Members:


The Connecticut Society for Respiratory Care is meeting with success in our efforts to update our practice act.  Senate Bill 403, An Act Concerning Respiratory Care Practitioners, would permit Respiratory Care Practitioners with appropriate training to do the following:

  • Arterial Line Insertion
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
  • Intravenous/Interosseous Therapy
  • Insertion, injections of medication and vaccines

Our bill has been raised by the Public Health Committee for a public hearing that will be held Monday, March 20.  Click the link below for a copy of the bill:

What we need you to do TODAY

We need to have RCPs contact members of the Public Health Committee and ask them to support the bill.   The deadline for the committee to take action is March 28.  However, they could vote on the bill this week—time is of the essence.

Here is the list of public health committee members.

Legislative Office Caucus Telephone Numbers:

Senate Democrats:        860-240-8600

Senate Republicans:     860-240-8800

House Democrats:        860-240-8500

House Republicans:      860-240-8700

D. Rep. John Steinberg, Co-Chair (District 136- Westport); 860.240.8585

D. Sen. Terry Gerratana, Co-Chair (District 6- Berlin, Farmington, New Britain); 860.240.0584

R. Sen. Heather Somers, Co-Chair (District 18- Griswold, Groton, North Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Stonington, Voluntown); 800.240.8800

D. Sen. Ted Kennedy, Vice Chair (District 12- Branford, Durham, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, North Branford); 860.240.0455

R. Sen. George Logan, Vice-Chair (District 17- Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck, Woodbridge); 800.240.8800

D. Rep. Dorinda Borer, Vice-Chair (District 115- West Haven); 860.240.8585

R. Rep. Whit Betts, Ranking Member (District 78- Bristol, Plymouth); 860.240.8700

R. Rep. Prasad Srinivasan (District 31- Glastonbury); 860.240.8700

D. Rep. Kelly Juleson-Scopino (District 12- Manchester) 800-842-8267

R. Rep. Vincent Candelora (District 86- Durham, Guilford, North Branford, Wallingford); 860.240.8700

R. Rep. Christie Carpino (District 32- Cromwell, Portland); 860.240.8700

D. Rep. Michelle Cook (District 65- Torrington); 860.240.8585

R. Rep. Stephanie Cummings (District 74- Waterbury); 860.240.8700

D. Rep. Mike Demicco (District 21- Farmington); 860.240.8585

D. Rep. Henry Genga (District 10- East Hartford); 860.240.8585

R. Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria (District 105- Beacon Falls, Derby, Seymour); 860.240.8700

D. Sen. Joe Markley (District 16- Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Waterbury, Wolcott); 860.240.0381

R. Rep. Kathleen McCarty (District 38- Montville, Waterford); 860.240.8700

D. Sen. Marilyn Moore (District 22- Bridgeport, Monroe, Trumbull); 860.240.0425

R. Rep. Jason Perillo (District 113- Shelton); 860.240.8700

R. Rep. William Petit (District 22- New Britain, Plainville); 860.240.8700

D. Rep. Emmett Riley (District 46- Norwich); 860.240.8585

D. Rep. Kevin Ryan (District 139- Bozrah, Montville, Norwich); 860.240.8585

D. Rep. Sean Scanlon (District 98- Branford, Guilford); 860.240.8585

R. Rep. Pam Staneski (District 119- Milford, Orange); 860.240.8700

D. Rep. Peter Tercyak (District 26- New Britain); 860.240.8585

D. Rep. Michael Winkler (District 56- Vernon); 860.240.8585

Look at their towns—if you reside there, please email them with the following message.  Please copy/paste this into your email and be sure to tell the legislator(s) the town you reside in.

Dear Sen./Rep. _____________________:


I live in _______________ and am writing to you about Senate Bill 403, An Act Concerning Respiratory Care Practitioners.   This proposal is pending in the Public Health Committee.

I am a Respiratory Care Practitioner.  SB 403 updates the current scope of practice for Respiratory Care Practitioners. The reason for this request is a significant portion of the language in our current practice act is outdated in relation to current trends in health care.  We currently perform many of the functions and procedures that are listed in the bill, and would ensure additional education and training for other elements to maintain the highest quality of care and patient safety.

Respiratory Care Practitioners are part of the medical team; we pride ourselves in working with physicians and other medical professionals to provide excellence and state-of-the-art care for our patients.

Thank you for considering my views on Senate Bill 403.  I hope you can support the proposal when it comes up for a vote in the Public Health Committee.


<Your Name>


*          *          *

Thank you for pitching in to help!  Working together, we can get this bill, and improvements to our practice act, across the goal line this legislative session.  SB 403 could be voted on this week.  Please make your legislative contacts today!  Thank you for your good work as a member of the Respiratory Care profession.

Jason Wright

CTSRC President