2018 John and Louise Julius Award

Kristina Dzwonchyk

From her nomination letter, "Kristina has shown her dedication to any patient she encounters in the neuro clinic …. her willingness to learn about the disease process she is treating or the equipment being utilized by the patient shows how deeply she cares and puts the patients best interest first.”

Julius Award

2018 Robert O'Neil Vendor Award

Anna DiLorenzo

From her nomination letter, "Anna is an exemplary example of a dedicated, friendly, professional, down to earth vendor who is more than dedicated to her patients. I am not sure how Anna does it, because the woman sleeps very little and travels all over the State of Connecticut and portions of Southern Massachusetts to deliver equipment, provide staff with knowledge and in-servicing and greets patients still with a warm smile on her face"

O'Neil Award

Prior Individuals Recognized as Outstanding Vendors of Practitioners