Notes form the July 23 and 24, 2019 House of Delegates Meeting

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Submitted by Kerry McNiven, Delegate CT


House of Delegates Business

House of Delegates Elections

HOD Bylaws Committee

Lanny Inabit (NC)

Dennis Guillot (LA)

Chris Russian (TX)

AARC Election Committee

Earl Moore (WA)

Jerry Edens (OH)

Lisa Darling (VT/NH)

Suzi Westmoreland (SC)

Student Mentoring Committee

214 students have attended the House of Delegates meetings between the Winter 2011-Winter 2017 meetings (103 of those attendees or 48% continued AARC membership.) This trend has been improving each year. Most of these students have remained active within their state societies. This program is limited to only 25 students per meeting.

Emergency Resolutions:

House of Delegates Resolution #92-19-8

Resolve that that AARC will increase the annual budget for the HOD Student Mentorship Committee from the current $2000/year to $4000/year beginning with the HOD Summer meeting 2020. Motion Passed in House. Board passed.

House of Delegates Resolution #92-19-7

Resolve that the AARC provide students who attend the Summer HOD Student mentorship program with a complimentary registration to the Winter International Congress meeting each year beginning with the Summer 2020 HOD students.  Motion Passed in House. Board passed and asked the Student Mentorship Committee to look at more details .


House of Delegates Resolution # 84-19-1

Resolution: The AARC will create an Advanced Researcher Track in the Leadership Institute by the end ofyear 2020. Motion Passed in House. Board passed.

House of Delegates Resolution # 84-19-2

Resolution: Resolve that the AARC creates a Research Toolkit aimed at the practicing Respiratory Therapist in the hospital setting to acquire, perform, assess and become a consumer forof research in the field of Respiratory Care by the end of the year 2020. Motion Passed in House. Board passed.

House of Delegates Resolution #84-19-3

Resolution: Resolve that the AARC creates a tool kit aimed at respiratory therapy students to learn how to acquire, perform, assess and become a consumer forofresearch in the field of Respiratory Care by the end of the year 2020. Motion Passed in House. Board passed.

Description of HOD Donation Opportunities

The American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF) is a nonprofit organization formed for supporting research, education, and charitable activities. The ARCF seeks to educate the public about respiratory health, assist in the training and continuing education of health care providers, and improve the quality of our environment. Descriptions of various funds can be found below.

ARCF International Fellowship Program:

This program has given non-U.S. health care professionals an opportunity to visit the U.S. and observe respiratory care as it is practiced in the U.S.

ARCF Research Foundation:

This research endowment will be used to continue to fund research designed for the purpose of documenting the impact of respiratory therapists. Said impact could take the form of clinical or financial outcomes.

ARCF General Fund:

Donations to the General Fund not specifically earmarked for any one purpose but allows the ARCF to use the money in a manner they find most valuable.

*ARCF Bill Bitzel:

Once fully endowed, this fund will be utilized to support AARC Affiliates in developing and offering Student Camps/meetings. Affiliates are encouraged to help support this, as once fully endowed, it can be utilized to help support our affiliates.

*ARCF Bill Lamb:

This fund is not able to award funds donated because it has not yet reached the endowment level. At this time, the award does not have a specific designation unlike the Bill Bitzel fund.

            AARC Disaster Relief Fund:

Members living in federally declared disaster areas may apply for a grant of up to $500, either online or by mail using a downloadable application form. Applications will be reviewed at the AARC executive office and will then be sent on to the affiliate president for verification and a recommendation of action.

Donations collected:

ARCF International Fellowship Program: $2750

ARCF Research Foundation: $1000

ARCF Bill Bitzel: $250

Disaster Relief: $9150

Total donated: $13,150

Strategic Plan and the Horizon Goals

Each delegate is expected to participate in one of these committees. (Horizon goals 5 and 6 are currently not active in the House). These committees will be part of the Progress and Transition Committee. Each group will have a discussion group on Connect.

  1. advocacy
  2. communication/marketing
  3. education/professional development
  4. membership/affiliate strengthening
  5. events and meetings
  6. revenue and finance

Charted Affiliate Committee

Outstanding Affiliate Contributor award: John Steinmetz (NV)

Nominee to be submitted to the Executive Office for Life Membership award: John Rutkowski (NJ)

Summit Award: Nebraska Society for Respiratory Care

Chartered Affiliates Financial Reporting Checklist was approved.

Volunteer and Mentoring Committee

Bill Lamb Award will be awarded to Mikki Thompson (FL)

Best Practices

# Generation Connect – Social Media as a Bridge to Our Professional Future

Sheryle Barnett (FL) & Glenn Milano

Goal: motivation, membership, mobilization

Twitter and facebook is where it started

Instagram and Youtube is where it needs to be now

Need to find people who have a large following on instagram – Influencers - (in our state) #RT, #RTnation

Call people to like us, tell us their story, call people to join us

Youtube can be used to mentor and motive people (student mentorship, student board member, the program)

Reinventing and Developing the Message

Joe Goss (NJ)

Use analytic information to determine days, times, how people access and how long they stay on the website

Respiratory Care: View form the Other Side

Gary Kauffman – HOD Parliamentarian

Discussed adding value to RT

Make sure to document all non billable procedures (things not covered by CPT codes) – rounds, codes, suctioning, etc..

We need to educate every stake holder that we are valuable and to reinforce the science behind what we do.

Ways to add value: protocol ABGs, Outpatient PFTs, Oxygen management, Patient Focused RT Protocols, Evidence–based care, Patient Ventilator Assessment, OPEP, effective devices

Must have an engaged medical director and nurses must see your value

Leadership Boot Camp Highlights – Asha and Amanda

-Hands on learning event for state society leaders (President, President-elect, membership chair, delegate, secretary, regional presidents)

-The 2020 date will be part of the HOD_Pres list serve

-In 2019 there were more people who wanted to attend than there were slots. There is a question if this program will grow.

-State pays for airfare, hotel, some meals, and social activities

-Resources, finances 101, getting students involved, how the AARC board and HOD relate, the best way to run board meetings, how to contact the right person at the AARC, how to make sure the AARC has critical documents

Membership Committee and HOSA (Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America) Survey

There is a survey coming out about knowledge about HOSA and the level of engagement with that organization. Please complete this.

Past Speaker Report

Authors of resolutions will be presenting at the board in the future.

AARC will require all the financial data by 2021. There are no formal collection methods at this point. The by-laws were amended to remove the term audit to prove financial well-being.

AARC is looking to add names of individuals who can speak on diversity to their speaker bureau.

Open Mike

Brian Cayko MT

-Looking for low cost bonding options

-Bureau of Labor Statistics has a page of fastest declining professions and is respiratory therapy technician is second on the list. We as a profession need to get the word out that a technician is not a therapist.

Susan VonTobel (IN)

-She reported that in her state you can purchase tobacco cessation products without a prescription

Julie Jackson (Iowa)

-The student mentorship application opens next week and the deadline is Sept 23.

Erica Basile-Gimpel (MI)

-Trying to change President term lengths

Kirsten Holbrook (WI)

-Wished for an update on the automatic renewal for AARC membership. AARC said it is on the list to happen.

Lanny Inabnit (NC)

-Summit Award – very few states applied and as a result he and the committee will be redoing the application

Michigan has it on their agenda every month to help stay on top of the areas

Chris Russian (NM)

-Chairing  - Ad Hoc Committee on AS to BS Conversion. Looking for members

Mike Treunt (Delware)

Is it possible to donate to the Delegate’s assistance program?

Executive Office Update

Membership Status

As of May there are 1,877 less members than the same time the prior year 44,059 vs. 45,936

Changed student membership program

Early Professional Membership Rates:

                        Year 1 enroll: $25 Year 2 renewal: $25 Year 3 renewal: $40 Year 4 renewal: $60 Year 5 and beyond renewal: Active Member Pricing

International membership is up

Senior membership is up

American Thoracic Society and the AARC are working together on an Oxygen

Clinical Practice Guideline paper

Disaster Relief Fund

Over 350,00 given to members since the fund was started. Fund has 175,000 in it.

One Minute Asthma booklet by Dr Plaut

Is now under the control of the AARC


AARC Board hopes to resolve issues in regard to flying with oxygen.

The AARC is partnering with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation about flying and being exposed to allergens and having an allergic reaction. (Planes are not required to carry Epi pens). What can patients do now request:

-accommodations at time of booking

-early boarding

-to be seated away form traveling animals

American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF)

2019 Journal Conference was Monitoring Respiratory Function in Adult Critical Care

2019 – 4 international fellows – CT is a host city Sat Nov 2-Nov 8. (Must be in New Orleans by 5 pm on Nov 8)

Night Under the Sea Fundraiser in New Orleans

AARC Congress

-Keynote (Dec. 4): Ted Koppel

-Thomas L. Petty Memorial Lecture (Nov. 10) – What Would Dr. Tom Think of COPD Today? (Barry Make MD)

-Donald F. Egan Scientific Memorial Lecture (Nov. 11) – Asynchrony – Detections, Clusters & Outcomes (Luis Blanch MD)

-Phil Kittredge Memorial Lecture (Nov. 12) – Closing the Gap: Improving Critical Thinking Skills for the Respiratory Therapist (Shelly Mishoe)

-Closing Ceremony (Nov. 12) – TBD

Future Summer Forum Destinations

2020 – Snowbird, UT

2021 – Bonita Springs, FL

2022 – Desert Springs, CA

2023 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

2025 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Future AARC Congress Destinations

2019 – New Orleans (Nov. 9-12)

2020 – Orlando, FL (Nov. 14-17)

2021 – Phoenix, AZ (Nov. 6-9)

2022 - New Orleans, LA

2026 - New Orleans

President Schell’s Report

Save the dates:

October 24th at 11am (Central Time) – President’s webcast to Affiliate Presidents and HOD members

May 4th and 5th PACT 2020

AARCTimesis going digital

Marsh Cathcart is retiring in Aug (been with AARC for 35 years)

Corporate partnerships going into 3 tiered system (platimun, gold, and silver)

Updated uniform reporting manual – ready in early 2020


37 co-sponsors, 20,023 messages sent from 5,346 advocates

Video competition for students

Stockpile Education Workshops 2020 – looking for host cities

International Education Programs

33 certificates have been approved in the past year

AARC may be writing a letter in support of CoARC and not JRCRC. They are in the process of gathering information. (See below for more  information.)

AS to BS Committee was formed, and they are hoping to grow that committee with additional charges.

The registration for Congress for HOD members – The delegates will pay up front, prove that they were at the business meeting and then be reimbursed for the 2 days.

CoARC Report

National Association for Association Degree RC (NA2RC) applied to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) to sponsor a new accreditation committee – the Joint Review Committee on Education in Respiratory Care (JRCRC) and CAAHEP approved this. CoARC has sent letters to CHEST, ASA, ATS, COBRTE (Coalition for Baccalaureate and Graduate Respiratory Therapy Education) and NAMDR (National Association of Medical Directors) asking them to not support JRCRC.

25 program and program options have been withdrawn.

Approved the application for the first Advanced Practice (APRT) program for the Ohio State University.

Enrollments numbers continue to decline. (29% drop since 2009-10). Enrollments were up 11% in 2-year institutions this year.

Retention rates are on the decline.

In the process of the 2020 revisions – rumor is the removal of the inter rate reliability standard.

His report should be sent to the members of the house to add information in

AARC Election Committee Report

-President-Elect: Lynda Goodfellow, Sheri Tooley

-Director at Large (2 seats): Michael Madison, Kerry McNiven, Curt Merriman, Raymond Pisani

-Adult Acute Care Chair: Madison Fratzke, Maria Madden

-Education Chair: Jennifer Anderson, Aaron Light

-Management Chair Kim Bennion, Julie Jackson

-Diagnostics Chair: Ralph Stumbo, Jr.

ByLaw Changes

New mission: The AARC is the foremost professional association promoting Respiratory Therapy (replaces Article II Section I.

New vision: The AARC advances professional excellence and the science in the practice of Respiratory Therapy, severing the profession, patients, caregivers and the public. Motion passed for both.

Federal and State Updates

Cigarette companies were in violation of FDA rulings since they have not submitted product reviews of their products. Manufactures have 10 months to submit a product review and the FDA has a year to approve.

Beginning a “real cost” campaign on youth vaping . It is direct marketing to high school students about the effects of vaping.

Working on removing noninvasive vents form competitive bidding, The bidding window opened July 16 and closes Sept 18. There have been 18 organizations, 180 house members and 38 senators that sent letters to CMS to tell them how upset they are about this moving forward. The White House Domestic Policy Staff is driving this issue forward.

FL allows out-of-state providers to provide health care in FL if they are registered with an applicable board and maintain professional liability coverage.

There will be another advocacy event in the fall where messages can be more personalized and targeted. tracks all bills and you can see co-sponsors and which state they are from.

Now have the ability to text 52886 and put “breathe” in message box and it will send back a link to the advocacy page on the AARC. You can then personalize the message. This campaign is looking for co-sponsors of the bill. This will be a year round activity. There will be an advocacy event in August and September.

Advocacy results of the prior campaign are below.

Discussion about how the AARC will implement the 2030 issue paper on moving the profession forward and the challenges to implement the changes

There is a committee for AS to BS conversion that is available to help states.

A mandate may be the answer.

The board with the change of the date to 2030 approved the 2025 position paper and that it be a BSHS and BSRT. It also includes the RRT credential.

NBRC Report

Credential Maintenance Program, formaly known as, Continuing Competency Program

To date, 171 individuals have participated in the pilot of the new Credential Maintenance Program. The pilot is available to individuals who earned a specialty credential in the 4th quarter of 2018 and those earning specialty credentials in 2019. Highlights of the changes include incorporating an assessment to each program in which the content will focus on competencies that put the public at risk when performed incorrectly and whose practice changes rapidly. Practitioners can access a dashboard to check their progress which is based on responses to assessment items. References to learning resources for each assessment item are available through the dashboard and linked to each assessment item to which the participant has responded. The dashboard will be updated each year showing a participant whether it is likely that he or she will be required to document continuing education credits in his or her final year. Individuals who achieved a credential before July 2002 may opt-in to participate in the revised Credential Maintenance Program without putting their credentials at risk. Full implementation of the new CMP will occur in January 2020.

Examination Statistics – January 1 –June 15, 2019

Examination Pass Rate

Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination – 6,663 examinations

  • First-time Candidates Exceed High Cut-Score – 70.3%

Exceed Low Cut-Score – 80.8%

  • Repeat Candidates Exceed High Cut-Score – 26.2%

Exceed Low Cut-Score – 44.2%

Clinical Simulation Examination – 4,455 examinations

  • First-time Candidates 65.7%
  • Repeat Candidates 48.9%

Adult Critical Care Examination – 409 examinations

  • First-time Candidates 65.9%
  • Repeat Candidates 46.9%

Neonatal/Pediatric Examination – 478 examinations

  • First-time Candidates 63.6%
  • Repeat Candidates 41.1%

Sleep Disorders Specialty Examination – 45 examinations

  • First-time Candidates 83.8%
  • Repeat Candidates 62.5%

PFT Examination – 227 examinations

  • First-time Candidates Exceed High Cut-Score – 33.3%

Exceed Low Cut-Score – 66.0%

  • Repeat Candidates Exceed High Cut-Score – 16.2%

Exceed Low Cut-Score – 66.2%

Specialty Sections

The 2019 Specialty Practitioner of the Year recipients have been selected by the section chairs from the nominations submitted:

  • Adult Acute Care: Karsten Roberts, MS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS
  • Diagnostics: James P. Sullivan, BA, RPFT
  • Education: Donna (DeDe) Gardner, DrPH, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC
  • Management: Margarete (Margie) Pierce, MS, RRT
  • Neonatal-Pediatrics: Sara Wing Parker, MPH, RRT, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, AE-C
  • Post-Acute Care: Michael W. Hess, BS, RRT, RPFT
  • Sleep: Beth Brooks, RRT, RRT-SDS
  • Transport: Scott May, BHS, RRT, RRT-NPS, C-NPT

Public Relations & Recruitment

A business plan has been enacted for the new public relations and recruitment project, tentatively titled “Be an RT.” The multi-year plan focuses on downloadable flyers, handouts, PowerPoint® presentations, and video for the first year.