John and Louise Julius Award

The CTSRC will present the John and Louise Julius Award For Outstanding Practitioner at the 2024 CTSRC Symposium.

John and Louise Julius were Respiratory Therapists at Yale-New Haven Hospital. They were instrumental in developing a credentialing exam for the newly formed American Association for Inhalation Therapy. The exam became the Certification for Respiratory Therapy Technicians.

If you know a fellow therapist who fits the criteria below, then nominate them for this award.

The recipient of this award should be a practicing RCP and active member of the AARC and CTSRC who possesses the following qualities:

  1. Outstanding in the clinical practice of Respiratory Care
  2. Is an active member of the AARC and CTSRC
  3. Involved in community service (i.e. ALA, teaching CPR, CF foundation, support groups, etc.)
  4. Demonstrates their professionalism:
    • Memberships (i.e.; AARC, CTSRC, CTS, ALA, etc.)
    • Years in profession
    • Involvement in professional organizations
    • Publications
    • Other areas (i.e.; lecturing, career fairs, RC professional recruitment, etc.)

If you know an outstanding therapist, then nominate him or her by completing the form below.

Nominations are Due March 31, 2024

John and Louise Julius Award Nomination Form

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