Two Backus Hospital Colleagues Add New Credential to Their Titles: H-E-R-O

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On any given morning, Route 2 in Norwich is jammed with Backus Hospital colleagues on their way to work. That turned out to be good luck for all involved in what could have been a tragic accident this week. Alexander Miano, MD, a psychiatrist with Hartford HealthCare’s Behavioral Health Network, was heading to work from his home in Stonington when two cars in front of him suddenly slammed into the highway median. Respiratory Therapist Amy Jodoin saw it too. Both pulled over and rushed to help. Miano approached a badly damaged SUV, where an elderly woman was trapped in the driver’s seat. An elderly man was stuck in the passenger seat next to her. With other drivers who also stopped, Dr. Miano helped to pull the people from the SUV. Jodoin, went to the second vehicle, where a young woman appeared to be in shock. “I blurted out hi, my name is Amy, are you okay?? Your car is on fire, we gotta get you out of here!” Jodoin then noticed the elderly driver of the SUV had returned to the wreckage. She said she wanted to rescue her caramel and white colored dog who was in a bed in the backseat, shaking. “I pulled the curtain airbag out of the way so the driver could get her dog, Jodoin recalled. The elderly man was bleeding from his leg so Dr. Miano fashioned a tourniquet using his necktie. They consoled the injured until fire and ambulance crews arrived and transported them to the Backus Emergency Department. Unbeknownst to him in the moment, Miano’s bosses witnessed the heroics. They happened to be stuck in the traffic caused by the accident. He was a little late to work but “both my bosses said they saw me in action,” he said. “And they were late themselves because traffic was pretty backed up.” Dr. Miano dismisses words like “hero” and “life saver.” “I think anyone would have done this,” he said. “I’m just glad I was there.” He stopped in to check on the accident victims after he got to work and they were doing well. Jodoin said she was shaken after the accident, but glad everyone was OK. “I was so thankful for our community at Backus because they eased my mind and heart to let me know everyone was safe following the accident.”

(Taken from the Hartford Health Care Web page)